13 feb. 2010

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  1. increibles! Me gustaron todas y no solo pq tienem mucho culo! De dibujo y color estan muy "buenas"....enhorabuena Silvia!


    Allan Rabelo

  2. lindos dibujos....¡y muy eróticos! Buen pulso, amiga mìa. Besos.

  3. Those are supposed to be pin-ups???
    so naif and weak. I still haven´t understood why people like to show any shit on the internet.

    pin-up collector

  4. and I still don´t know why people just waste their time leaving annonymus despective comments in other people´s shit. It´s a free world. you must have a lot of spare time to just look around in the internet.
    pin ups are not just for wanker collector, it´s about suggestion and beauty.
    I dont want everyone to like it, and I didnt ask for your opinion.
    next time you can ´stik it in your pedant ass.

    thak you for passin by!

  5. ¡Bien dicho, niña! Hay que bajarle los humos a esta chusma...